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     The Vector Core Facility is dedicated to the construction and production of recombinant adenoviral and other vectors to investigators in the Gene Therapy Group at LSUHSC-S. It is anticipated that this resource will be expanded to be available to all faculty members, as well as local corporate businesses for use in a variety of preclinical gene therapy studies. Services provided by the Vector Core Facility include construction of adenoviral shuttle vectors, co-transfection of shuttle vectors with adenovirus helper DNA into viral producer cell lines, plaque purification of viral stocks, growth of high titer recombinant vector stocks and assay of recombinant and helper virus titers in stocks. In addition to development and construction of new vectors, the prime responsibility of the Vector Core Facility is controlled, small-scale production of viral gene vectors for preclinical studies in animals. The Vector Core Facility contains approximately 600 square feet of laboratory space and includes dedicated space for growth of infected and non-infected cells. This laboratory has a large capacity -80 C freezer for storage of virus seed stocks and production lots of recombinant virus intended for preclinical studies. The laboratory is equipped with an inverted microscope, a low speed centrifuge, a biological safety cabinet and four large capacity, double stacked CO2 incubators for growth and production of recombinant virus. The laboratory contains all the necessary molecular biology equipment to construct viral vectors, including a variety of power supplies and apparatus for horizontal and vertical gels, electrophoretic transfer, and DNA sequencing, a microtiter plate reader, a PCR thermocycler, a UV/visible spectrophotometer, and an electroporator. Large equipment, such as scintillation counters and ultracentrifuges are available in a shared equipment room nearby. The Vector Core Facility also has access to a P-3 laboratory, located in an adjacent room, which can be used for experiments in which containment of biohazardous material is required.

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