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     The goal of the Research Core Facility is to provide the capability of analyzing biological materials using advanced technologies. A major roadblock too many of these technologies is the initial histologic processing of biological materials. In order to obtain the greatest utility of these materials, the Histology and Tissue Resources Core Facility will provide a seamless service, from initial processing to final analysis. This Facility is necessary because the Clinical Histology Laboratory in the Dept. of Pathology has a heavy service load and is understaffed, and consequently it is not able to provide support for research projects. Thus, we propose to provide the following histological services to all Investigators, for tissue processing, paraffin embedding and sectioning, frozen tissue embedding and sectioning, routine staining, and immunohistochemical detection of antigens of interest. Although turn-around times may vary depending on workload, the primary goal of this Facility is to return completed work to the Investigator within 2 to 7 working days. Processing of tissues is performed in existing laboratory space within the Dept. of Cellular Biology and Anatomy (Room B8-303) for paraffin embedding, sectioning and routine staining is carried out in a laboratory of 600 square feet. This laboratory is subdivided into several small rooms including one with an automatic tissue processing machine, one for histochemistry and storage of paraffin blocks, and a main laboratory with a microtome, a cryostat and a staining area. An electron microscopy is housed in an adjacent room. A 300 sq. ft laboratory (Room B8.204) will be dedicated to tissue processing, and is fully equipped with a biosafety hood, refrigerator-freezer, inverted microscope, and CO2 incubator. The Facility has the equipment for immunohistochemistry (Room B8.204), including microwave and baking ovens and an automated histochemical processor. In addition, a tissue array apparatus is available for making arrays from paraffin blocks. A -150°C freezer is available for use for permanent storage of vials of snap-frozen tissue, and a -80°C Revco freezer is available for permanent storage of cryopreserved tissue blocks.

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