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Clinical Trials

In order to conduct phase I and phase II gene therapy clinical trials, the Gene Therapy program at LSUHSC-Shreveport has recently completed renovations on the third floor of the LSUHSC-Shreveport Hospital. This clinical unit includes:

Four fully isolated protective isolation hospital rooms, each designed for two patients. These rooms are each equipped with separate HEPA air filters and direct external air ventilation systems. Each room is equipped with a private lavatory and shower, a small refrigerator for the use of the patient, and reclining armchairs for visitors. Patients in isolation are treated in their own rooms. Each isolation room has an adjacent anteroom, where visitors and staff may wash hands, and don clean coats and masks. The rooms are designed to offer patients a friendly and comfortable environment, and are fully equipped with oxygen, compressed air, suction, and ECG monitors to provide emergency assistance, should the need arise. Computer systems are also accessible from each of the unit's rooms.

2. An outpatient treatment room, equipped for both routine and emergency care, as well as invasive diagnostic procedures (such as bronchoscopy), or for diagnosis and follow-up.

3. A nursing area, which includes a nurse's station, a room for the head nurse, and a staff room for nursing personnel.

4. A small clinical laboratory with a Class II biosafety cabinet for the dispensing of gene therapy reagents and handling of diagnostic material, as well as for conducting bedside clinical lab assessment (e.g. urinalysis or blood smear microscopy, etc.).

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