Didactic Curriculum

The required text for the junior year is Essentials of Family Medicine, 4th edition, edited by Sloane, Slatt, Ebell, and Jacques, and published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2002.

Essentials of Family Medicine is expected to provide you with core knowledge in the evaluation and management of common ambulatory problems, prevention, and practice management. The final exam in CC 300 will be composed of questions based on the required reading material. The textbook is sold with a compact disc which contains a program with 100 questions designed to test your knowledge. Some of these questions will be included on the final examination. When possible this program (titled "Essentials of Family Medicine") has been installed on the computers in the Comprehensive Care Clinic for your use during slower clinic days.

You are encouraged to use chapters in addition to those we have required, as we expect they will prove useful to you as you care for patients and prepare for other exams, including the National Board Exam. As with all aspects of the curriculum, we welcome your candid feedback on the required and non-required readings.

Students will be responsible for information contained in the following chapters and on the indicated pages:

Section Chapter Title Pages
I - Principles of Family Medicine 3 Outside the Office Walls: Occupational and Environmental Health

47 - 57

all tables

  4 Family Practice in Era of Rapid Change: Medical Records, Finances, Consultations, Referral, Health Care Financing

66 - 69, 70

tables 4.3, 4.4

  5 The Challenging Patient Encounter - Case 1 and 2 (including discussion), General Management Strategies 75 - 82
  6 Information Mastery: Basing Care on the Best Available Evidence entire chapter
II - Preventive Care 8 Helping Your Patients Stay Healthy entire chapter
  9 Pregnancy Prevention and Contraception

entire chapter

  10 Prenatal Care

entire chapter

  11 Well Child/Adolescent Care entire chapter
  12 Well Adult Care entire chapter
  13 Promoting Health for Women at Menopause: Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment through Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators 204 - 210
III - Common Problems 15 Approach to Common Problems in Family Medicine entire chapter
  17 Acute Respiratory Infections entire chapter
  18 Addiction: Managing Tobacco Addiction

283 - 285, 294

figure 18.3

tables 18.5, 18.9

  19 Allergies and Asthma entire chapter
  21 Anxiety and Depression entire chapter
  22 Arthritis and Rheumatism entire chapter
  23 Breast Problems: Palpable Breast Mass 386 - 389
  24 Chest Pain entire chapter
  25 Chronic Cardiac Disease entire chapter
  26 COPD entire chapter
  27 Diabetes Mellitus entire chapter
  29 Dyspepsia entire chapter
  34 Headache entire chapter
  35 Hypertension entire chapter
  37 Low Back Pain entire chapter
  38 Menstrual Syndromes: Abnormal Uterine Bleeding 619 - 626
  41 Sexually Transmitted Infections entire chapter
  43 Skin Problems entire chapter
  45 Sore Throat entire chapter
  46 Thyroid Disease entire chapter
  47 Vaginitis entire chapter
  48 Weight Management and Obesity entire chapter

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