Diagnostic Radiology Policies

Table of Contents


1.            ORGANIZATION  

            Mission (HP 1.1) 

            Department of Radiology Mission Statement 

            Improving Organizational Performance (HP 1.1.1) 

            Department of Radiology Organizational Chart 

            Scope of Services 


            Performance Improvement Plan 

2.            ADMINISTRATIVE  

            Use of Alias Names (HP 2.6) 

            Name Change (HP 2.6.1) 

            Employee Possession of Weapons on State Property (HP 2.7) 

            External Disaster/Mass Casualty Plan 

            Bioterrorism Response 

            Inclement Weather Policy 

            Electrical Power Outage 

            Water Outage 

            Telecommunications Outage 

            Departmental Fire Plan 

            Evacuation Plan - Internal Disaster 

            Fire and Smoke Containment - Mobile Radiographic Units 

            Access to Care (HP 2.11) 

            Approved Guidelines and Manuals (HP 2.12) 

            Visitation Policy (HP 2.16) 

            Variance Reporting/Sentinel Events (HP 2.22) 

            Management of Patient/Visitor Complaints (HP 2.23)           

            Radiology Management System 

3.             HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT           

Planning and Providing Care 

            Staffing Plan           

            Portable Technologist 

            After Hours STAT Portable  

            On-call Technologist 

            Department Orientation Essentials            

            General Radiology Dress Guidelines 

            Leave Policy             UPDATED!

            Reporting to Work     UPDATED!

            Personnel Monitoring           

            Initial Markers  

            Inspection Policy for Protective Lead Aprons 

            Pregnant Workers in Radiation Areas (HP 3.3) 

            Employees with Chronic Infections (HP 3.8)          

            Employee Identification (HP 3.9) 

            Shift Change Policy    NEW!

4.            ENVIRONMENTAL CARE           

            Waste Removal Policy (HP 4.1)  

            Handling of Chemicals           

Antiseptics and Disinfectants (HP 4.5) 

            Hand Hygiene (HP 4.6) 

            Skin Preparation (HP 4.8) 

            Infection Control Guidelines for Diagnostic Radiology 

            Handling Soiled Supplies & Supplies Expiration (HP 4.9) 


            Equipment Call-in Procedure 


General Radiology Routine Examination Protocols 

Misidentification of Images      

Quality Control Checklist 

            Room Checklist           

            Radiographs for the Coroner 

            Patient Privacy  

            Pregnant or Possible Pregnant Patient 

            Pregnancy Dose Calculation 

            Radiation Protection 

            Holding Patient and Equipment 

            Use of Fluoroscopy           

            Allergic Reactions to Contrast Media or Suspected Adverse Drug Reactions 

            Pre-packages Emergency Drugs 

Patient Medication Questionnaire            

            Administration of Contrast Media 

Pre-medication Policy 

Use of Contrast Media           

Post Procedure Instructions  

            Contrast Media Extravasations 

            Storage of Contrast Media 

            Use of Contrast Media Warmers 

            Patient Identification Band (HP 5.10.1) 

            Patient Recall (HP 5.11) 

            Code 99 Resuscitation Team (HP 5.12) 

            Crash Carts  

            Latex Allergy (HP 5.13) 

            Restraints (HP 5.15) 

            Informed Consent (HP 5.16.1) 

            Patient Rights and Responsibilities (HP 5.17) 

            Security, Confidentiality and Integrity of Information (HP 6.2)           

Fax Policy for Transmitting Patient Information (HP 6.3.1) 

            Radiology Management System 

            Technique Tracking 

            Invision Downtime  

Verbal and/or Telephone Orders (HP 6.13) 

            Care of Personal Clothing Soiled With A Patient’s Blood/Body Fluids (HP 7.13) 

            University Police (HP 7.8)           

            Pager System (HP 7.5)           

6.                  Picture Archiving and Communication System  

Centricity Boot up and Shutdown Procedures 

PACS Boot up and Shutdown Procedures 

Operational Procedures for PACS “Downtime” 


            RIS v27 Training Manual

            RIS v27 Radiologist Training Manual

            RIS v27 Mammography Training Manual

            RIS v27 Transcription Training Manual